Days Out With Kids

I worked alongside a backend developer to create Days Out With Kids for the development company I worked at.

The website allows users to access a catalogue of attractions that are aimed towards children and kids.

I was initially tasked to create the HTML markup for the website to combine with the backend developed in Socket IO, MongoDB and Mongoose. I used Bootstrap as a base to start the front end.

The decision was made to make the website responsive to allow for mobile compatibility across multiple devices.

Later on I became the sole developer to maintain the website and database. This saw me making improvements to the admin tools and creating an Admin Dashboard section.

Technologies Used
HTML/CSS, Responsive Web Design, HTML Email, Bootstrap, Mongoose, MongoDB, Socket IO, Node.JS, Facebook Integration

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Days Out With Kids Homepage
New Attraction Added Email
HTML Emails

I was also tasked to take a PSD design of an email and create an appropriate HTML Email layout that works in multiple email clients and browsers. The layout needed to be flexible to be able to handle longer attraction names.

Admin Dashboard

I was also approached to create an admin dasboard page that would allow easy access to vital statistics about the system. This allowed admins to keep track of their progress along with any pending actions to be highlighted.

Admin Dashboard
Attraction Page

The attraction page serves as the main focal point of the website. It needed to allow users to recommend the attraction via Facebook, which incorporates OpenGraph to post to the users wall. As well as the use our review tools to leave a review directly on the website.

Attraction Page